What makes us happy? Ethics of a good life
Join Father Burns for a three-part lecture series on ethics and living a good life.

March 10, 17, and 24, 4 – 6 p.m. (must attend all three sessions)
Science and Learning Center 200

What makes for a happy existence? Is there such a thing as the good life? If so, what role do ethics and morals play in influencing it? This three-part lecture series, excerpted from a longer course in Thomistic ethics, seeks to answer these questions. Throughout the lecture series, we begin to explore strategies and options for integrating virtue into our decision-making.

Thomistic ethics is given primacy of place because it is universally applicable, and is based upon a unified, coherent understanding of the nature of humanity and human dignity. It is an eminent expression of philosophical realism and is guided every step of the way by the assumption that what makes for a good life is therefore what makes us truly happy, providing us guides for real world living. These guides help to develop tools to navigate those situations where we need to engage our moral compass.

This event is open to students and seminarians only.
Space is limited and advanced registration is required.

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